1-1 Therapy

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This online therapy option offers you maximum flexibility to discuss the problems and issues you are experiencing with anger and rage.  You will be able to explore any themes you wish to discuss in sa fe and confidential space. Your therapist will help you understand the nature of your anger and rage. They will work with you to identify the triggers, the underlying causes of your anger. Together you will explore ways in which you can use positive assertion and reinforce the techniques and strategies that will help you to move forward positively in all aspects of your relationships with others.

In 1-1 online therapy you will have a 50 minuite weekly session with your specialised anger solutions therapist. Therapy will take place at the same designated time each week to ensure continuity and reinforce commitment your sessions. Your initial assessment is designed to establish a complete picture of you, your personal history amd hope this relates to your experience of anger and rage. Your aims and objectives will also be identified at this initial assessment. An additional report may be produced if required for an additional fee. This report will include attendance.

How to book 1-1 Anger Solution Sessions

Now you are taking a positive step towards managing your anger and have chosen 1-1 therapy, the next step is to have an assessment.

Step One:
Click buy now and purchase your assessment at the cost of £75.

Step Two:
We will email you within 48 hours (not weekends) and book your assessment at a mutually agreed time with one of our qualified therapists.  This will take up to 45 minutes over the telephone.

Step Three:
Following on from assessment, you will be allocated your therapist who will email you to arrange your first session. You will also receive a link for payment for your block of sessions.  Sessions cannot commence until full payment has been received.


  • Block of 6 sessions £500.00
  • Block of 8 sessions £700.00
  • Block of 10 sessions £900.00

An additional report can be produced for £75.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have included a list of the most frequyently asked questions regarding our online anger solution programme. IF you have any questions not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How qualified will my therapist be?

    All our qualified therapists are members of professional counselling/psychotherapy bodies  and have undertaken specific training in anger solutions

  • Can I choose my therapist?

    No. We will select an appropriate therapist based on your assessment.

  • Do I have to keep my camera on during sessions

    Please note that your space needs to be private and undisturbed and your camera on. If there is background noise or interference, you may  be requested to put yourself on mute. Avoid using chat on zoom.

  • What does the report cover?

    Yes you can but please note that will come with an additional charge of £60.00. Please note that attendance record will form part of the report

  • What happens if I get triggered during a session?

    You can discuss with the therapist if you need to leave the session. You will be encouraged to discuss these feelings at the following sessions.

  • Can I change my therapist?

    We would always encourage you to work through any current issues with your therapist but would seek to reallocate you to an alternative therapist of you feel the current therapeutic really is not working

  • Can my sessions be refunded if I decide to discontinue?


    We would require that early termination of a series of sessions includes formal notification to your therapist and that you engage in one final session to bring the sessions to an appropriate close. The balance of the remaining sessions may then be refunded to you.

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