We are an established counselling and psychotherapy provider with a range of effective proven anger solution therapies. Our experience has been built on working in the private sector, 3rd sector, and the public sector including NHS and local authorities. We understand the relational aspect of anger and the negative impact it has on lives. Our service has flexible options to meet your needs through a UK-wide online service, whether you are self-referring or have been mandated to attend a formal anger solutions program.  It is not uncommon for an anger solutions program to be required in the context of a legal judgment. We encourage our clients to see this as a positive step to help with the problems or issues which underpin their anger and rage.

We have a solid track record of delivering effective online therapies which will meet your needs with a range of alternative options to match your requirements.  The result is that we can offer a cost-effective, targeted intervention to suit a wide range of anger presentations for the individual and the workplace. Our anger solutions program will include certification of participation which will testify to the positive development in our client’s understanding of their anger and rage, ways to express their needs constructively as well as recognising positive behavioural change. Our clients can testify to the effectiveness of our approach.